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"OGO and Mission of Love were responsible for 3 Denton Program airlifts which furnished a new girls orphanage in Cuilapa. The airlifts carried over 200,000 lbs. of dormitory, kitchen, classroom, office furniture, bedding and supplies."

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OGO Children
Association for the Protection of the Abandoned Child. (AGAND) in Guatemala. In 1975, "La Cuna." became the first privately licensed orphanage in the city. In 1989, we became aware of their needs and began providing them with life saving support. OGO plans to begin the second floor addition of the multi-purpose indoor playroom. Construction date is pending until funding for this project is complete.

Hogar del Ninos Nuestra Senora Consoladora is a home for 175 boys. Since 1989 OGO has supported their growth and development. To continue educating and providing the boys with daily living sustenance is $94.00 per month.

Panchito Lopes is a facility for orphan boys who have been taken off the streets of the inner city of Ascuncion. The 12 to 18 year old boys desperately need Life Skill Training. These skills will make them self-sufficient and productive members of their community. The Trade and Life Skills program provides training in carpentry, furniture making, baking, animal husbandry, tailoring, typing and computer skills. Each child’s education for three months is $290.00.

The Maka Indian Tribe is an indigenous community in Paraguay. Their greatest need is for six new classrooms and a library. Currently OGO has funds for two classrooms. Your donations would provide construction immediately for the other four classrooms; each costing $3,500.


Oscar Gabriel, President, El Tirador, S.A "OGO has volunteered tirelessly in improving the living standards of the countless homeless children and adults in Guatemala. In the spring of 1993, OGO shipped a 40 ft container of medical equipment and supplies donated from American Medical Resources Foundation. It was valued at over $260,000, and OGO funded the $6800 shipping cost. The medical supplies went to San Juan de Dios Hospital to aid the countless poor of my country. OGO was responsible for 3 Denton Program airlifts which furnished a new girls orphanage in Cuilapa. The airlifts carried over 200,000 lbs. of dormitory, kitchen, classroom, office furniture, bedding and supplies. OGO paid for the shipment of over 4000 pounds of clothing bedding and medical supplies for Casa Guatemala."

David Harrington Executive Director, American Medical Resources Foundation, Inc" In 1992, OGO submitted a comprehensive application to AMRF which clearly identified the recipient, their specific needs and a clear plan for the receipt of the donated material in Guatemala and its proper distribution. The recipient of this very ambitious program was the San Juan de Dios and several other orphanages in Guatemala. OGO effectively completed this initial program which addressed basic needs and ensured that the material was properly received and distributed in Guatemala. With the initial program being completed, AMRF looks forward to working with OGO in the development of a more aggressive program which can now address a higher level of needs."

Beth Kempler Pfannl, Ph. D. Principal, The American School of Asuncion -2001
"It is thanks to Ms. Chalas' sincere interest and dedication that three months following her visit to the reservation, the Maka Indian tribe has a community kitchen. The enthusiasm that this project has generated throughout Paraguay has been tremendous. The extent to which the Maka Indian project has grown from a simple student exchange program to helping in different ways would not have been possible without the help of OGO. It is due to the vision and sincere will demonstrated by OGO, under Ms. Chalas' leadership, to help those in need that the quality of life of this extremely impoverished Indian tribe has begun to improve. We at the American School of Asuncion are most grateful to Ms. Chalas for her interest in helping us to help others while at the same time involving our students so that they see the importance of community service."

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