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"The first year they hand carried four wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and medical supplies.
By year 5, with AMRF, OGO sent a 40 ft. container of lifesaving medical equipment to San Juan De Dios hospital in Guatemala."

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The Organization for Guatemalan Orphans

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In May 1989, Barryanne Shapiro and Brenda Chalas traveled to Guatemala, They saw the urgent needs of orphans, particularly those children with disabilities. OGO would provide medical supplies to the orphanages, and care for the neediest. The first year they hand carried 4 wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and boxes of contributions to Guatemala. Over the years they have gotten to know the children, have watched them grow to be healthy and whole and continue to provide them for a vision of hope for their independent future.

In our fifth year OGO with American Medical Resources Foundation (AMRF) sent a 40 foot container of medical supplies and nearly new equipment,, which was distributed to clinics and hospitals. By year ten, with Mission of Love, OH, OGO furnished the newly constructed Cuilapa orphanage. This orphanage nurtures, educates, provides housing for the orphans and a lunch program for the neighboring street children. U.S. /AID in Washington D.C. joined us to completely furnish the dormitories, provided dining equipment, furnished the school rooms and supplied the educational materials. After the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, OGO built two homes complete with electricity and water in Azuapilla.

With the wheelchairs provided by OGO, hundreds of children are sitting up and are able to move for the first time in their lives. Others, physically or mentally impaired received medical attention with the state of the art medical equipment the OGO team delivered. A three chair dental office, donated to Modulos de Esperanza, Guatemala, by Dr. Robert Eckelson of Boca Raton, FL, is the pride of Dr. Sharon Winters and her patients. OGO has facilitated the improvement of hospital facilities, orphanages and schools. We look forward to adding a second floor to AGAND orphanage and building a medical clinic in the city of Antiqua.
  • OGO was honored in 1996 to recieve from the Rotarios de la Asuncion, Guatemala City the prestigious Guatemalan Humanitarian Award for their contributions at the Cuilapa Orphanage.

  • In 1995 The Osterville Rotary Club, Osterville, MA. Honored Barryanne Shapiro with the Paul Harris Fellowship Award for their unstinted efforts in Guatemala.

  • In 2001, Cacique Andres, from the Maka Community, Asuncion, Paraguay awarded Brenda Chalas the Maka Humanitarian Award.

  • In April, 2003 Ed Gartz, CEO of SNAP, KODAK, Rochester, New York presented OGO with the First Annual International Award in the Caucus Room of the U.S. Senate Rotunda, Washington, D.C.
In 1999, humanitarian efforts in Paraguay began. We are one of the few U.S. volunteer donor programs assisting The MAKA. Your generosity provided OGO the opportunity to create and complete these "firsts":
  • In 2000 with the assistance of ASA's community service volunteers, OGO financed and built the first fully functional "community bath house"
  • The building of the multi-purpose center.
  • providing the total furnishings for the community kitchen
These fully functional facilities were built and utilized with pride by MAKA within a year.
  • An important first for the student population; many without vital records -- The publishing of a Year Book for the MAKA students; documenting their full names, birthdates, grade levels and photos. This first is now achived at the Department of Health and Education.

With the continued aid of our prime donors: Love of Christ Foundation, Maryland, PAGCO LTD, NY, OGO's humanitarian endeavors will continue to grow. Thank you for visiting our site, learning about us, and becoming a donor.

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